Sunday, May 27, 2012

Poetry Poker

Another diversion during the week of festivities was a round or three of poetry poker. I believe the idea came from Kenneth Koch. Or so I was told. So you take a pack of cards, write words or phrases on them, and then deal 5 to each player. (We tend to be lax on rules, so we let players replace cards that seemed impossible.)

Here's one round:

  • I didn't mean
  • tarnished
  • tiny
  • little box with monsters inside
  • mangoes

And here's the poem:

I didn't mean 
to give you a tarnished tiny
little box with monsters inside.
I meant to give you 

And here's another:

  • two quiet lines
  • peanuts
  • sea
  • boiled over
  • who wanted most

And here's the poem:

Two quiet lines at the bar
we ate peanuts while we waited
the peanuts tasted like
the sea boiled over.
Who wanted most
to go to the beach, then:
you or I?

It's fun. More fun than it sounds like, especially after an evening of swimming and pizza, when you're sitting in a large bright kitchen with a dear friend. My daughters like it, too. We agreed that it's more fun the more decks you have in play. We've got two now, but we think it's not enough.

There never are enough words, are there.

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