Friday, May 18, 2012

Cool Friday

It's Friday. Feeling kind of festive round my way. I'm looking at a bit of blue ocean. Went to a dance class this morning. Going to swim in a friend's pool and eat pizza (not simultaneously) tonight.

Some fun things:
Radiolab: From one of the protégées, God bless her. (Did I get those accents right? Who cares! It's Friday! Ima go a little crazy and not even look it up!)
Grammar Revolution: I love that a Bright Young Thing is diagramming sentences!
Math4Love: I know, I'm an ELA person through and through. You know how I be with the numbers. But I'm charmed by this blog. I mean!
Jessica Hagy at Forbes: (Also linked to in previous.) From partner-in-crime co-conspirator colleague and publisher Frank. Because I'm late to this party--but just in time for the fun.
"Stop Working More than Forty Hours a Week": File under: Do as I Say, Not as I Do. Something to think about.
Howcast: How to do pretty much anything, including a lot of stuff you probably don't want to do.
Freerice: Been liking this for many years now. Bringing together word geeks and do-gooders. (From TIME's 2011 Best of list.)
Khan Academy:Since we began our home-schooling, four or five or twenty people have told me about this site. (From TIME's 2011 Best of list.)

That's what I got. Go have some fun.

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