Monday, July 7, 2014

New Digs--See You There

I'm migrating to Writing Is My Jam, which is where I'll henceforth be freely expressing my many opinions about everything including but not limited to writing, writing for kids, writing for educational publishing, and writing assessments. In fact, if you are so inclined, you can find all of my previous posts from Leslie Hall@Inkspot at the new digs of Writing Is My Jam.

I feel l should close with a song.

The music of my misspent middle school years comes to mind, probably because this song is on my current writing playlist. Theme of magic, because the genre I'm working in is--surprise!--magic realism

Here's a sampling:
Witch Doctor
That Old Black Magic
Magic Road
Black Magic Woman

And also Entry of the Gladiators,Sideshow, and She Said, none of which particularly have to do with magic (or magic realism), but they do in some way relate to an aspect of plot, character, or theme.

Make a playlist for your writing. It's inspiring. Then come on over to Writing Is My Jam and post a sample in the comments. Because it's fun. A work playlist is fun, too.