Thursday, March 8, 2012

Big News!

Such wonderful news here. I've got 3 cover designs for my book The Hidden Market for Children's Literature: Getting Paid to Write for Reading Tests. My publisher, Frank Brockmann of Paceline Publishing (you may know him from Center Point Assessment Solutions), and I haven't been able to decide which we like best.*


If you feel inspired, please leave a comment with a vote for Cover A, Cover B, or Cover C. Let's give it a week, and then tally up the votes and see which cover is the winner.

COVER A: The cool, minimalist approach:

COVER B: The retro, old-school style:

COVER C: A bit of whimsy:

Design concepts by Chris Di Natale of Di Natale Design, to whom I owe a debt of gratitude, though we have never met nor spoken nary a word. However, when I see these designs, it's clear to me that Chris listened carefully to Frank and me as we talked about our aesthetics and what was important to us. There is nothing I appreciate more than being listened to. Thanks, Chris.

* Um. I actually do have money down on one a favorite. Frank also has a favorite, but his favorite is not the same as my favorite. I'll reveal all when the votes are in.

UPDATE: I hear from someone that sometimes Blogger eats the comments and they don't appear. If you have any problem with that, just find me on Facebook and you can vote there.


  1. I can't decide. I like them all! Who is the target audience? --Alisa

  2. The target audience is anyone who:
    1. writes for children and teens
    2. writes and wants to get published
    3. writes and wants to get paid for it

  3. Ok, I am at B or C now. It is really difficult!

  4. A all the way! Love and Congratulations, Robyn Raymer

  5. C C C; the muted colors are beautiful and I love the composition.

  6. I definitely vote for C! Jason

  7. Jon and I both say "A" and congratulations on your accomplishment. Getting a new book written and published!
    Yay for you.

  8. I love the art itself in C, but it seems more appropriate to something with a direct classroom application, especially with the apple for the teacher on the cover. I think B gets your title out there in the most direct and readable way. It's also a more "serious" and intent design. Congrats on your book, no matter which cover you choose!

  9. I have a problem with A. When one uses a pencil, the output is hand written. When one uses a computer or typewriter, the output is typed. By having the pencil and the type, I get frustrated. (I also get frustrated in print and TV ads when the food isn't shown the way food would really appear.)
    I don't like C much either. When it has "hidden market" in the title, I want to go searching through the art to find the hiding market.
    I'd go with B. It seems cleaner and it makes me focus on the words and their meaning. As a reviewer of items/passages, I want things clean and uncluttered. That is conveyed in cover B.

  10. I like them all, and I keep changing my mind, but I vote for C. I can see it flying off the shelves!

  11. I like A (but then, I'm a minimalist at heart). Congratulations, Leslie! Can't wait to read the book!