Thursday, March 18, 2010

You Gets What You Pays For

A friend forwarded this ad from a freelance job website:

Looking for 200 multiple choice trivia questions on the subject of Easter. Questions must be divided into ten different topics, each with an easy and hard section. All sections must have the same number of questions. Looking to spend no more than $30 on this, and the questions must be completed within 2 days. All i require is a spreadsheet, with ten different sheets. There should be four possible answers for each question, with the correct one in bold. I am only looking for people who speak fluent English. Please send two samples questions if you are interested. Copyright of all questions will belong to me and you may not reproduce them elsewhere.[Ed. sic, sic, sic.]
Though I often confess that numbers and me, we're not the best of friends, sort of like cranky neighbors who give each other a grudging nod once in a while when we catch sight of each other taking out the trash, let us do the math: 200 test questions in 2 days for $30. Which means, assuming an 8 hour work day (8 hours for work! 8 hours for sleep! And 8 hours for what we will!), that the rate of production will be 4.8 minutes per question at the whopping rate of pay of $1.88 per hour. Don't spend it all in one place.

My friend and I decided that a zero or two must have been left off the $30. But I do have a tiny little voice nagging doubt. Could it be?